1. Re:Coimbra (51:09)

A dérive through Coimbra’s old town, along a path built from soundmarks of familiar spaces at unknown times and situations.

An exercise of discovering Coimbra’s sounds through peeling strata deposited for fifteen centuries in the area between the river banks of Mondego, the narrow streets of Baixa, and the stairs towards Almedina and the University. An integration of memory, references, history and lore, in an exploration of a space-time that is not our own.

Luís Antero’s field recordings, realistic captures of the mundane, were displaced and recontextualised in a composition that makes new connections, makes them visible, and builds an extra-ordinary new sonic space that pulsates and breaths as the city, and that like the city has a life, and a flow.

Re:Coimbra was composed in 2018 by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais, from original recordings by Luís Antero produced for the Sound Archive of the Historic Centre of Coimbra.

Commissioned by Catarina Pires and José Miguel Pereira for “Dar A Ouvir: Paisagens Sonoras da Cidade”. Premiered live on August 30, 2018, at the Church of the Convent of São Francisco, Coimbra. Performance photos by José Crúzio.

Available from Galaverna.