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The musical workof @c (Pedro Almeida, Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais) is developed in the cross-section of complimentary approaches to sound aesthetics and electronic music. If on one hand it's immediately perceptible that there's usually a very strong rhythmic pulse, it's also common that they integrate several elements that are free from these structures. Very often these are generated algorithmically or based in field recordings or sampling, contributing to the setting up of strategies of deconstruction.

The improvisation, or real-time composition, in dialogue or discussion is the key to their performances in which audio and visual elements are integrated.

All tracks improvised & recorded live to DAT, no overdubs. Edited by @c in PalStudio. Mastered by Rui Viana. Cover images by Lia. Layout design by RevDesign + Miguel Sá.

Available from Variz.