@c + Vitor Joaquim: De-Tour


  1. Ouvertüre (07:35)
  2. Stuttgart (mit Fried Dähn) (05:41)
  3. Leipzig Eins (01:13)
  4. Leipzig Zwei (04:59)
  5. Lissabon (mit Pure) (09:13)
  6. Köln (mit Harald "Sack" Ziegler) (14:10)

Aufgenommen 2005 an den Spielorten "Fluctuating Images" in Stuttgart, "Weezie" in Leipzig, "Mülheimer Freiheit 126" in Köln und "ZDB" in Lissabon. Elektronisches Cello in Stuttgart: Fried Dähn; Waldhorn in Köln: Harald "Sack" Ziegler; Computer in Lissabon: Pure. Alles weitere: Pedro Tudela, Miguel Carvalhais, Vitor Joaquim. Bearbeitet, hinzugefügt, getwisted, gemischt und gemastered von 2005 bis 2007 in Porto.

Danke an: Bernhard, Hans, Harald, Heike & Anke, Felix, Fried, Kera & André, Lia, Marc, Nélson, Olaf, Patrick, Peter, Stephanie, Tom.

De-tour is not composed by, but rather composed from live recordings. Not being an exact documentation of the performances in Germany, it is born of those, following what has become our modus operandi: excerpts of variable length were extracted from the recordings and recomposed through digital processing, editing and collage. Therefore, these tracks are not improvisations anymore, but their improvisational genesis is still present over the entire CD. A CD that is not "live" but much more of a concrète composition.

Released by Feld Records.