1. 54×01 (26:18)
  2. 54×10 (11:17)
  3. 54×11 (11:17)

Composed by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela in Porto, 2005-2009, using sound sources from the 30x1 installation at Solar, Vila do Conde (2005) and 30x1.2 installation at Casa da Música, Porto (2007).

Thank you to Lia, M. Bernat, Casa da Música, F. Coelho, Curtas Metragens, J. Cruz, J. Dias, Drumming, A. Durán Vázquez, A. Ferreira, J. Fonseca, B. Molina, N. Rodrigues, X. Valle, P. Vinhas.

In 2005, with our long-time collaborator Lia, we developed an audiovisual installation for the cinematic art gallery Solar, in Vila do Conde, Portugal, an exhibition produced by the Short Film Festival of Vila do Conde. The installation 30x1 was built from over a hundred one-minute audiovisual clips, organized in five groups and projected or presented in television sets throughout the various rooms of the gallery in what became an immersive, semi-random, spatial-audio-visual composition. In 2007 we were invited to further develop the system and to present a new version of the installation, 30x1.2, at Casa da Música in Porto. From the non-linear system of the installation, two linear videos were produced: 30x1.01, in 2005, and int.16/54//son01/30x1, in 2006, both composed from the original audiovisual sources from the installations, two pieces that to this date have been shown in several art, video and cinema festivals. The missing piece left to finish this very long-running process, was a linear audio composition.

We have always been keen on returning to previous work, to pieces and bits previously developed and to recreate and expand them under the light of new contexts or just of a different time. We try not to see our pieces as finished products, even if they're already published — and in that sense, somehow closed. Every composition is a framework and an open process that can be restarted at any time. After more than two years away from this material, it was finally time to return to all the files used in the production of 30x1 and 30x1.2 and to compose these new three pieces from them.

Available from Alg-a.