view of the installation

Loudspeakers, plinths, computer, sound and electrical cables, video projector. Generative projection by Lia.

February to July 2014, Puppet Museum of Porto. Commissioned by Isabel Barros.

Following two previous collaborations with the Puppet Theatre of Porto, we were invited to show in the temporary exhibitions room of their museum. We collected sound objects by manipulating the museum’s collection of puppets, sets and scenic objects. With these we developed five software modules that filled the room with the sound of the puppets and the actors that brought them to life. Each of these modules was allowed to move through the six speakers in the room and interact with the other modules, manifesting agency and leading to the emergence of a composition as an improvisational play. A single projection reacted to the sounds in the room, evoking the strings that animate puppets.

view of the installation

view of the installation

Thank you to António Coelho and Rui Rodrigues at FEUP.